SREL Reprint #0095




Effect of Weather on Captures of Small Mammals

J. B. Gentry, F. B. Golley, and J. T. McGinnis



The influence of weather and weather change on the captures of small mammals by lines of snap traps in 12 habitats over approximately 12 years on the AEC Savannah River Plant was determined.  In addition to the influence of weather, and weather change from the preceding night, the night of trapping, type of trap line, habitat, season, and day of trapping also were considered.  The effect of the weather on the numbers of captures was significant for total species and for total captures of cotton rat.  The effect of weather change was not generally significant.  However, considering only habitats in which captures of animals were considerably higher than the average, the effect of weather change on captures was usually significant at the 95% level.


SREL Reprint #0095

Gentry, J.B., F.B. Golley, and J.T. McGinnis. 1966. Effect of weather on captures of small mammals. The American Midland Naturalist 75:526-530.

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