SREL Reprint #0081




Excretion of Orally Administered Zinc-65 by Wild Small Mammals

Frank B. Golley, Richard G. Wiegert and Robert W. Walter



 Zinc-65 uptake and excretion by wild and laboratory small mammals differed in both the assimilation and excretion phases of the retention curves.  The wild forms assimilated less of the ingested zinc and excreted the assimilated zinc at a faster rate than did the laboratory mouse and rat.  The differences in rate of assimilation may be due to the mode of administration; those in excretion may be a function of the differential activity or metabolism of the species under caged conditions.


SREL Reprint #0081

Golley, F.B., R.G. Wiegert, and R.W. Walter. 1965. Excretion of orally administered zinc 65 by wild small mammals. Health Physics 11:719-722.

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