SREL Reprint #0067




Number and Variety of Small Mammals
on the AEC Savannah River Plant



Frank B. Golley, John B. Gentry, Larry D. Caldwell and Leslie B. Davenport, Jr.



Small mammal populations were sampled by standard traplines or 12 years on the AEC Savannah River Plant, Aiken, South Carolina. In 86,000 trap nights 12 of 15 potentially trappable species were collected. The variety of species was expressed as species per line and species per number of individuals. The species per number of individuals relationship was used to predict the number of individual that must captured to collect the regional species pool of 15 species. The number of individuals required ranged from 360,000 by trapping in only one habitat to 700 by stratified sampling based on the percentage occurrence of each habitat on the total land area. Relative abundance of mammals, as influenced by habitat, year, and season, was determined from the trapping data.  Peromyscus polionotus and Sigmodon hispidus were the most abundant species.  Sigmodon was captured in the greatest variety of habitat at the greatest range in abundance, 0.14 to 16.81 individuals per line. P. polionotus was taken in fewer habitats, but at a relatively constant level of abundance of three mice per line.  Broomsedge-vine and lespedeza habitats supported greatest numbers of animals; forest habitats, the least.



SREL Reprint #0067



Golley, F.B., J.B. Gentry, L.D. Caldwell, and L.B. Davenport Jr. 1965. Number and variety of small mammals on the AEC Savannah River Plant. Journal of Mammalogy 46:1-18.




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