SREL Reprint #0052




Homing on the Old-Field Mouse


John B. Gentry



Homing was successful in 31 of 39 old-field mice (Peromyscus polionotus) released from the center of a 9-acre plowed field 340 to 640 feet from trap sites in occupied habitat surrounding the field.  Ninety-one percent of the homing animals returned the first night; 60% returned by midnight.The majority of returning mice were recaptured in traps adjacent to the set of traps in which they were captured before release.The animals, following release during the daytime, exhibited a sequence of behavior directed toward finding shelter. After dark, the mice moved toward their home range.



SREL Reprint #0052



Gentry, J.B. 1964. Homing on the old field mouse. Journal of Mammalogy 45:276-283



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